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Zojirushi Rice Cookers

Rice Cookers

In the rice cooker business for close to half a century, Zojirushi has become THE brand to go to when shopping for rice cookers. Testing thousands of pounds of rice every year, you can say that Zojirushi is a little obsessed with perfecting rice cooking. Bringing the best performing rice cookers to all rice enthusiasts!

Types of Zojirushi rice cookers available at Superco:


The Hello Kitty special edition rice cooker is a conventional type rice cooker. Simple, reliable and easy to use. It is perfect for a beginner. Hello KItty edition rice cooker offers triple heating (bottom, side and lid) that ensures even cooking temperature for tasty rice. Without a micro computer to do it automatically, it is recommended that you add soaking time before cooking and steaming time after for best cooking results.

MICOM NeuroFuzzy® Rice Cooker

Using micro computer with Neuro Fuzzy® logic technology, these rice cookers can ‘think’ and make fine adjustments to temperature and time to cook perfect rice every time. The soaking and steaming steps are are automatically programmed.

IH + MICOM Rice Cookers

Replacing the usual heating plate of a rice cooker with IH, Induction Heating technology, results in a even better tasting cooked rice. Why? Induction Heating is more responsive, quicker to heat and quicker to cool. This makes temperature control more precise than using MICOM alone.

Pressure + IH + MICOM Rice Cookers

All the advanced rice cooking technologies in one perfect rice machine. The added pressure cooking technique helps turn beta starch into alpha starch, making rice softer, more delicious, and easier to digest.

Zojirushi Water Boilers

Water Boilers

When it comes to brewing great-tasting tea and coffee, every drop counts. Zojirushi designed their water boilers with maximum efficiency and convenience in mind so that you can have the hot water you need at the touch of a button, without waiting!

You can find 2 types of Zojirushi water boilers at Superco:

Panorama Window® MICOM Water Boilers

Micro computerized temperature control with an easy-to-read Panorama Window® for checking water level.

VE Hybrid Water Boiler

VE Hybrid Water Boiler utilizes vacuum insulation technology to keep water hot with very little electricity, making it very energy efficient.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grills

Indoor Electric Grills

Barbecuing rain or shine, night or day, without the fuss of building a fire. That’s the beauty of Zojirushi indoor electric grills. Place a Zojirushi electric grill in the middle of the dining table and instantly transform grilling into a fun group activity!

About Zojirushi

The history of the Zojirushi mark goes back to a glass-lined vacuum bottle created in 1918. This bottle for home use was created using vacuum insulation—a breakthrough technology at the time. In the years since then, Zojirushi has established itself as a top manufacturer of household products and has continued to leverage the latest technologies to create a constant stream of leading-edge products that make life more comfortable and convenient.

Although much has changed and lifestyles have become more varied, Zojirushi’s corporate philosophy of “Creating a Quality of Life” continues to be reflected in their many products and services. Lifestyles may be more diverse in today’s world, but people everywhere continue to seek products and services that make their lives more enjoyable and satisfying. Whether it’s an easy-to-use rice cooker that puts tasty rice within reach, or home appliances linked to the Internet that even senior citizens can operate with ease, Zojirushi products are designed with this philosophy in mind.

Additionally, Zojirushi’s efforts to develop products with subtle details are guided by their corporate slogan “Inspirations from everyday life.” From a rice cooker & warmer that steams rice to perfection thanks to a pressure control system, to services that look after senior citizens through electric dispensing pots with built-in IT, Zojirushi offers their customers a myriad of ways to make their lives better.

Drawing on the proprietary set of technologies that arose originally from our glass-lined vacuum bottles, Zojirushi will continue to be a company that is careful and considerate about the basics such as how they treat people, and the environment. Likewise, Zojirushi will continue to actively bring to market products and services that give people a sense of confidence and satisfaction.