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Fulgor Milano 36″ Gas Cooktop with 5 Burners, Stainless Steel – F4GK36S1


  • 5 burners
  • Electric flame ignition and re-ignition
  • Flame out sensing
  • Heavy duty cast iron grates
  • Dual-flame European-style sealed burners
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    400 Series Gas Cooktops

    The 400 series “Largo” cooktops utilize the most advanced technology available and combine this with a classic Italian design, resulting in a cooktop that not only performs magnificently but also looks spectacular.

    A design that lends itself to countless application possibilities, the 400 series cooktops also take the consumers cooking and maintenance needs into consideration. All grates are separated in sizes that make them easy to handle and remove for cleaning.

    The burners are well orientated to ease of use, with unique configurations like a wok burner and fifth burner on a 30″ unit, making this cook top one of the most versatile in the category.

    Explore the Largo cooktop family and enjoy the possibilities; buon appetite!

    Fulgor Milano cooktops embody Italian elegance and design while offering the quality and durability expected from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of built in cooking appliances. Nothing is compromised in the performance of their products. Born from a culture of cooking that is world renowned, their customers should not expect less. You will be the envy of your guests with your beautiful Italian appliance, which may inspire you to take your culinary skills to new elevations. The shallow design of their cooktops allow kitchen designers to optimize space, providing the greatest flexibility possible for a variety of installation possibilities. With a Fulgor Milano cooktop, your dream kitchen will become a reality.

    About Fulgor Milano
    To know Italy is to know passion and love-for life, for family, for all things beautiful, and especially for cooking. This is the aesthetic which breathes life into all Fulgor Milano products, from their cooktops to their wall ovens, all of which are proudly – and passionately – designed and crafted in Italy. Combining sumptuous styling with intelligent performance, Fulgor Milano products unite form and function in a way that you and your guests will appreciate down to the finest detail. It’s not enough for us that their products have captured a half-dozen ADEX awards for design excellence, or that they’re backed by an industry-leading warranty. Their true goal is to bring Italian-inspired passion to the lifestyle of every Fulgor Milano owner.



    Uniquely designed accessory allows you to use pans smaller than 4 inches on a stable, flat cooking surface


    Classic Design
    • Italian design principles inform the style, function and performance of this series, creating a classic yet versatile cooktop.
    Dual Crown Burner
    • Fulgor-Milano uses a dual-flame European-style sealed burner to deliver a wide range of heat.
    European Sealed Burners
    • Designed with only two removable parts, their sealed burners keep spills from leaking inside the cooktop.
    Electric Flame Ignition and Re-ignition
    Flame Out Sensing
    Front Left Burner
    • Max. 6,300 BTU – 1,850 Watts
    • Min. 1,300 BTU – 380 Watts
    Rear Left Burner
    • Max. 9,000 BTU – 2,640 Watts
    • Min. 1,300 BTU – 380 Watts
    Front Middle Burner
    • Max. 18,000 BTU – 5,275 Watts
    • Min. 450 BTU – 135 Watts
    Rear Right Burner
    • Max. 12,000 BTU – 3,520 Watts
    • Min. 2,200 BTU – 645 Watts
    Front Right Burner
    • Max. 4,000 BTU – 1,175 Watts
    • Min. 1,000 BTU – 295 Watts


    Heating Technology:  Gas
    Gas Type:  NG or LP
    LP Conversion Kit:  Included
    Knobs:  Plastic MGH “U” – Frontal
    Cooktop Features
    Design:  Largo
    Electric Flame Ignition:  Yes
    Re-Ignition:  Yes
    Flame Out Sensing:  Yes
    Dual Crown Burner:  Yes
    Simmer Plate:  Optional
    Small Pot Insert:  Optional (For Single Burners Only)
    Wok Ring:  Optional (For Dual Burners Only)
    Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grates:  3
    Burner Ratings
    Number Of Burners:  5
    Front Left Burner (Max./Min.):  6,300 BTU (1,850 Watts) – 1,300 BTU (380 Watts)
    Rear Left Burner (Max./Min.):  9,000 BTU (2,640 Watts) – 1,300 BTU (380 Watts)
    Front Middle Burner (Max./Min.):  18,000 BTU (5,275 Watts) – 450 BTU (135 Watts)
    Rear Middle Burner (Max./Min.):  N/A
    Rear Right Burner (Max./Min.):  12,000 BTU (3,520 Watts) – 2,200 BTU (645 Watts)
    Front Right Burner (Max./Min.):  4,000 BTU (1,175 Watts) – 1,000 BTU (295 Watts)
    Power / Ratings
    Electrical Rating:  120V, 60Hz
    Max Power:  52,300 BTU (15,320 Watts)
    Cable:  Yes
    Dimensions and Weights
    Overall Width:  36″
    Overall Depth:  20 1/16″
    Overall Height:  3 15/16″
    Cutout Width:  34 7/8″ Min. – 35″ Max.
    Cutout Depth:  19 5/16″ Min. – 19 3/8″ Max.
    Gross Weight:  55.0 Lbs.
    Burner Output
    Set 1 QTY: 1
    Set 1 Output: 18000
    Set 2 QTY: 1
    Set 2 Output: 12000
    Set 3 QTY: 1
    Set 3 Output: 9000
    Set 4 QTY: 1
    Set 4 Output: 6300
    Set 5 QTY: 1
    Set 5 Output: 4000
    Grill: No
    Griddle: No
    French Top: No


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